Monday, May 21, 2012

Traverse City Cherry Console

This is a piece that I have not had a chance to share with my blog friends. We have been very busy with Spring shows, and I have been painting furniture on weekends - at least some of them. Last weekend I gardened - we are supposed to plant in our zone on Mother's Day weekend (or when the snow has melted on Shasta Bally), well, both happened and the garden didn't get planted.

But - on Mother's Day Weekend we had a two-day show - The Burlap Harlot. And I actually decided to paint a piece at the show because I was tired of the dingy white, and I had a new CeCe Caldwell color - Traverse City Cherry!

The white console right-center in this picture is the before picture.

It's a nice piece, but there is not much character to it. It has been in our booth at Oregon Street Antique Mall for quite some time, and we really thought it would go quickly at the price we were asking - $60. It has  4 shelves inside, looks like it was a canning console/cabinet.

So, I was itching to paint something in my new Traverse City Cherry (Traverse City is in Upper Michigan, and they have a national cherry festival - thus the name of the CeCe Caldwell color).

I painted it during the show, and it really only took me about 2 hours to paint, sand (distress), and wax/polish. I am sure some people were amazed by the transformation. Almost had it sold, but the gal didn't want to wait around. I told her if it didn't sell that we would have it at the next two shows. I did however sell a quart of Traverse City Cherry to someone wanting to paint their front door the same color - so it was a hit.

I really liked the way the color turned out on this piece. Here is a picture of it at the show in Willows - The Vintage Country Flea Market.

As you can see, we have some other fine pieces of furniture in this shot. Doesn't that color just POP? We might just have to raise the price on that now. It has been fun trying out new colors. I just got a couple of others that I will be trying in the coming weeks - Pickerington Violet, Portland Rose, and California Gold. Come back by to see what's new at TheSmithGarage. And if you like the colors and what to give them a try yourself - check out our shop at

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  1. Rob it is wonderful. I love that you embrace color. I am so afraid to go outside my comfort zone of neutrals or if I do my shoppers seem to freak out and say- what is this color- where is all the white? haha
    love it all.
    good luck to the both of you on your remaining shows.

    1. Thanks Tammy - did you get a chance to try out CeCe paint? Let me know the color (make sure it is a COLOR) you like and I'll send you a sample.

  2. Great stuff! I loved all the above pieces particularly the the red one.

  3. Do you use the clear wax first or can you use the dark aging wax right over the paint?

    1. I typically do a light coat of clear wax over the entire piece, then come back with the aging wax in specific spots that I want to accent. You can also add some stain into the clear wax after it is applied to the piece, and it is still a bit tacky. This way you have control over how dark or light you want the piece with a stain. Stain is applied into a rag and wiped on/wiped off. Happy painting!