Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year

It has been a year since the first post on TheSmithGarage blog, at least it will be shortly. January 8th it's official.

Lots to talk about since my last post. Lots of painted furniture has been sold through TheSmithHotel, and much has passed through and some still resides in the "garage". We will be getting ready for the 2013 season shortly, but I need to focus on a FT job first, so I can pay the mortgage and keep the garage. In November, I found out that my company could no longer afford to send me to the Midwest every few weeks.

I have some very good possibilities in the hopper, and in the meantime I have been playing the role of Mr. Macy's here in Redding. What started as "seasonal" has continued as they added me into the Men's Shoe Dept. so if you need mens shoes or luggage, stop in and see me. I hope to get back into the garage, until then Mrs. Smith will be painting in the house/ hotel living room.

Mr. Smith

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