Thursday, March 15, 2012

CeCe Caldwell's Paint is Here

Well - just before Mrs. Smith and I left for our trip to Seattle to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, our shipment from CeCe Caldwell's Paint came in on a FedEx Freight truck. We had just enough time to take it off the pallet and throw the boxes on a shelf that was recently saved (see it HERE ) that happens to still be in TheSmithGarage.

I am so excited to break into some of these colors and paint some of the "pile" that has been patiently waiting for this paint. Follow along and I will try to post a project a week - and maybe even a few if they are small. And if you are ready to jump in and get some of this paint, please feel free to order a can, or two, or three from TheSmithHotelBoutique . Within a few weeks, we should also have sample sizes available. Read more about CeCe Caldwell's paint HERE .

Did I mention we got a pallet with our paint? Looking forward to making something cool out of that pallet - let no wood go to waste.

Mr. Smith

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