Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Fear Chest - Kissimmee Orange

Well, sorry it has taken me a while to get another post to you all. I was on a great weekend away with my honey - Mrs. Smith. We celebrated 20 years together last week on March 14th, so we got away to Seattle without the kiddos. Good times.

Back in the garage - Drama Queen was looking to help me paint - and she wanted to paint something bright and cheery for Spring. Remember that old broken down wooden chest that a friend of ours here in Redding gave me a month ago? It was in pretty bad shape - here is a before picture when I got it home -

Somewhat chippy paint - and wood - and a few screws that had fallen loose. And no handles. But hey - it was free, I just had to pick it up and take it away!

Don't mind that shelving unit down below, we'll get to that later. This chest is ready to paint - with none other than CeCe Caldwell's Kissimee Orange. Here is the Drama Queen herself - painting away - as she puts it, "...painting is my contribution to the family business."

So we spent some quality time together listening to Air-1 and painting. We talked about our ideas for that shelving unit that will display our CeCe Caldwell's paint in the booth at Oregon Street Antique Mall . After I get the basic structure painted, Drama Queen is going to paint some creative items on the shelving unit in the different colors that we have to sell.

Here is a shot after the outside of the chest was completed.

So Drama Queen picked out the colors for this piece, including the inside. We both agreed it needed something to tone down the color just a tad, and also make it look a little cleaner inside. She picked Pittsburg Gray.

Sorry for the stuff on the side - this is after all TheSmithGarage. So from free to something of value - I would say. Not only the value of the sale, but the value of spending time with my wonderful daughter, teaching her some painting techniques - and her I.

Now a sneak peak on another great upcycled piece. Here it is during the curing process (wax). Drama Queen still has to paint her artwork on it, but it will make a great display for our paint at Oregon Street Antique Mall .

For a full update on this piece, come back this weekend and I will show you start to finish on this one.

For more on ordering CeCe Caldwell paint from TheSmithHotel - see our website at www.thesmithhotelboutique.com and visit the Carriage House.

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Until next weekend...

Mr. Smith


  1. Awww you have crossed over to the diy darkside I see. Enlisting family into the labor side- I am so proud of you haha. My daughter loves to paint too. The color is so cool- tell her good choice.

    1. You know it Tammy. Little Drama Queen is a natural painter - wait until you see her display she is doing.

  2. Yay for getting your kiddo involved! Mine are always wanting to paint too - ohhhh boy! :) Can't wait to see the next one you gave us a peek at!!

    1. Thanks Kammy - posted it last night, so hopefully you get a chance to check it out. I have lots of projects you will love to see. Thanks for stopping bymy blog.

  3. i am always a fan of color- orange is so fun! and i love the contrasting color inside.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished projects! DQ is a cutie and very talented!

    1. Thanks Patty - DQ is my retirement I hope - she is quite a talented painter.

  5. the color of the chest looks great, love the gray on the inside. How sweet that you worked on it with your drama queen.

    thanks for sharing at catch as catch can!

  6. always fun with drama queen - right now she is complaining about homework - count it pure joy!