Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ombre 3-Drawer Nightstand

It has been a week since I have shared a piece with you - my readers - and any visitors. This last weekend Mrs. Smith and I took part in Roses and Rust Home and Garden Market. Leading up to that event, I had worked on this little nightstand and wanted to create something different from my normal refinishing.

Here is a glance at what it looked like before the paint began. I could not find a better picture before, but this gives you an idea of the hardware and color of the wood.

The top was peeling away, so I used the "tower of power" and a little wood glue to keep the top where it should be.

So I have been wanting to do an "ombre" piece - and this had just the 3 drawers I needed to have a little fun. One drawer was a little dirty, so I decided to paint the drawers with CeCe Caldwell's Simply White. That really cleaned them up and created a finished look on the entire piece.

I used Georgia Clay as a color for the bottom drawer, then reduced down for each drawer by using Vintage White. The middle drawer was one part Georgia Clay and a half part Vintage White, and the top drawer and structure of the piece is one part Georgia Clay and 2 parts Vintage White. It created an almost "pink" tone to the piece. I can't say I love it, but I hope someone else will.

Please tell me what you think. I do appreciate the feedback. New pieces are bound to surprise. If you find the blog fresh and new - please follow along and I will be sure to "intrigue".

Mr. Smith


  1. Ohhh nice. Good Job!
    I've been wanting to try it as well, waiting for the right piece. :)

  2. now that color i like...soft but noticable w/out fading in the background! Esther

  3. Very good job, I love the color...Very girly looking!