Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Jack from a Trashed Nightstand

Day 3 at the Mount Shasta Mall. So glad that is over. Had a very productive weekend there painting, but wow did it drag on...and on...and on.........

Mrs. Smith's dad - Marshal, picked up this trashed nightstand. He didn't get a picture of it before he worked on it, but you can see that he used some glue and putty to get it in painting condition.

So I had in mind to paint it in CeCe Caldwell's Portland Rose (a very light pink). I thought it would be a cute girl's nightstand. Mrs. Smith asked that I paint it Maine Harbor Blue - so what do you think I did? ...Maine Harbor Blue...

So having all kinds of time Saturday - I decided to go one step further and paint a Union Jack flag on the top. I used Traverse City Cherry and Simply White.

I noticed that the drawer split just a bit, so I had to take it home to TheSmithGarage and glue it overnight.

Here is is finished with one of Mrs. Smith's little chicks and a mustache man postcard. Very fun and very fast. Freehand painting now since I have done a few before. just used brush widths. Hope you enjoy, Follow and come back for a few more finished pieces from the weekend. And something extra special coming soon - Mrs. Smith paints her first piece with CeCe Caldwell's paint - and it turns out to be incredible! You will want to see it.

Mr. Smith

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - just what this little nightstand needed.

  2. Replies
    1. oh yes - it really is. Unbelievable what a transformation this little guy had.

  3. This piece really turned out great!! Love the Union Jack graphic!

    1. Thanks Sharla - Beacuase this piece was so small - it was pretty fast to paint that on there. And with the CeCe paint - it dries so fast you don't have to worry about bleeding from red to white.

  4. awesome job! way to take a plain jane to a cool jack!

    1. Thanks Cassie, certainly was fun. It just felt appropriate to give it some pizzaz!