Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lion's Head Nightstand - Destin Gulf Green

Another day at the Mount Shasta Mall - wow these mall shows are brutal - 9am to 9pm. I will have to say I can do quite a few painting demonstrations in 12 hours. I worked on 3 pieces (maybe 4), but I will blog on one tonight - since it's late and I have to get up and go back to the mall in the morning.

Here is the piece - it has a great lion's head brass pull on it.

Great legs, huh? So Mrs. Smith wanted me to paint with Destin Gulf Green (DGG) first, then with Simply White and sand it back so the DGG comes through (totally forgot to take a picture of the DGG). Here it is after the Simply White...

Just then - I had one of our very good customer's (Ms. Tony - we call her Tony, but I wanted you to know she was a she and not a he). Well Tony really liked the piece, but she wanted more of the DGG to come through then what was appearing. So - I went back and painted over the Simply White with the DGG, leaving lots of white...

Not sure I like it - little too "beachy" for me, but I sure hope Tony likes it when she comes back. I had one other person really like it that came by and she was sending her friend back the next day. So we will see who shows up first on Sunday morning. I hope it's Tony and I really hope she likes it.

Here it is under some different light - looks a little more green...

Please let me know what you think - too beachy OR way cool - I want it!

Mr. Smith

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  1. Since I like beachy, I think it's fab! A great piece to begin with, made even greater by your talented hands. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Peggy - love the desk in your blog about freestylling in rural Ohio!

  2. Fantastic job! Love the color and the way it was distressed. Truly a terrific piece! Visiting from Debbiedoo's, so happy to be now following! :-)

    1. Thanks for following - I hope to get something out there at least each week - but this week was special - so enjoy.

  3. I'm typically not a big fan of beachy, but this is gorgeous! Great work! Pinned it for future reference. Found you at