Thursday, February 2, 2012

70's Nightstand redo

Well, I think you may have seen this from the last few postings, but here it is again so you can see the before and after.

So I have seen this furniture everywhere - normally really cheap. In fact, I have seen stuff like this on the side of the road with a FREE sign on it. I think my brother has some furniture like this in the spare room that I frequent on trips to Denver.

I actually paid a few dollars for this one, but only a few. The only real damage on this piece is the bottom drawer has a small broken drawer face on the bottom right-hand side (you can see a little notch out of the corner). I also had to glue the back of that same drawer box - but really nothing significant. The hardware is real brass - quite heavy.

So this one got a coat of one of my "oops" colors ($5 gallon of flat interior latex) applied - only one coat covered it - and I used a very light gray. Then after a little love (sanding and waxing) and a coat of gloss black spray for the hardware - here is the finished product.

In case you can't tell, the top drawer is a single drawer - even though the face looks like three. Tricky craftsmanship. I didn't even fix the chip on the bottom. This is a great solid piece of furniture as were many of those great big bulky pieces from the 70s. This will go very nicely in a kids room, or even in a reading area or living room. So the next time you see that free furniture on the side of the road - let me know so I can pick it up and give it some love and attention. It should NOT go to the dump!

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Mr. Smith


  1. Looks great. Love how it has been brightened up. Thanks for linking up to Furniture Friday

  2. This is really similar to mine ... except my top drawer was divided to look like two smaller drawers. This made my piece look like it had a little smirky face when I added knobs to the top drawer and the pull to the bottom one ... oh, well.

    What's great about furniture like this is that it's generally solid wood and plywood, just with an ugly, dated finish. Nicks and bumps in solid wood can be fixed. A little love (and paint) and it's ready for it's second life. Looks good!