Sunday, February 5, 2012

French 9-Drawer Louis XV Style Dresser

Feb 5th ~

Didn't realize I had such a great piece of furniture until I looked up French 9-drawer dresser on the web - this is actually a style - you learn a lot in TheSmithGarage. I am always trying to keep up with my 5th and 8th graders as they move through history.

So here is how it looked when I picked it up a few weeks back:

Don't you love the German green backdrop of my '65 VW Bus? Well, it was the end of the weekend and I must get back to my real job in the morning. I watched the Super Bowl, even though I am not a football fan, we had a good time over at my in-laws' place. Before going to bed here on the West Coast, I thought I would put a coat of primer on this. I have noticed from using ASCP Pure White, that I could use a quick light coat of primer if I really want good coverage plus ASCP is $40 a can, so I would rather throw some primer on for my base coat then finish it off with my ASCP paint so I can get a really good working surface. Here is what it looks like tonight.

I was going to do it in ASCP Provence, but Mrs. Smith asked me to do a white piece as the store is filling up with lots of colors for the Spring. So white it is. The same hardware will go back on this piece, but I really like the nickle finish - so out comes my "Engine Spray" that I also use on my VW Bus muffler every few years. Come back to see it when it's finished, I think you will love it.

Feb 7th ~

Well, this evening I was out finishing up this piece with my daughter (Drama Queen as Mrs. Smith calls her) in TheSmithGarage. She really should have been finished with her homework much earlier, but there was drama, and she ended up out with me after dinner - still working on math. I painted this one late last night with the ASCP Pure White. Well, after waxing tonight I put on the hardware - and Drama Queen tells me, "the drawer pulls are too shiny". Really? All that work and this is what she tells me? So I ask Mrs. Smith - and sure enough - she doesn't like them either. So I guess the muffler silver wasn't such a great idea. So I took off the hardware and back to the paint booth with a semi-gloss white - not too thick. I guess we'll see the next chance I get out there how it turns out.

Skip to Feb 8th ~

Did I mention that this is made by Dixie Furniture? Noticed the brand on one of the drawers when I was affixing the hardware this evening. A quick 15 minutes later - and here is the finished product.

Some details - I do believe Drama Queen was right about the hardware. White looks better then muffler silver.

Let me know what you think? And if you like it - share it with your friends and tell them about TheSmithGarage.

Mr. Smith

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  1. Looks great now - can't wait to see how it ends up.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Polly - some lucky person will enjoy this. It will be going into Mrs. Smith's store in March/April.

  3. oh so beautiful! i love the shape and the details of that dresser!

    1. thanks - love the curves too. classic piece. Thank you for stopping by.