Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Camera for TheSmithGarage

I am a Blackberry user - old school right? Well, I think I have been using a BB for about 8 years, so it just comes natural - plus it has always been a "company phone", so who is to complain. So you may have noticed that some of my pictures are a little fuzzy - not quite as crisp as some "Big Time" bloggers. It just always seemed really easy to take pictures and post to my blogs with the BB. Mrs. Smith at TheSmithHotel has a little nicer camera, plus she is an iPhone user.

So when I realized this last week that I had the opportunity to get a free camera with some flight miles that I had been accumulating, I jumped on it. So here is what I have been using up to this point.

Not complaining - like I said - it has worked just fine. But here is the new "free" camera. Free with flight miles.

Here are just a couple of things I figured out today - panorama

Don't look at the mess - Mrs. Smith just made 3 pans of Cinnamon Rolls (yum) - but wait, how did Drama Queen get in there 3 times? Crazy stuff - huh?

I think Snow White is enjoying the seat warmer still.

This is totally off from the typical blog for TheSmithGarage, but it was a little exciting to have that little package show up at the door today (the camera). I am sure when the weekend rolls around, it will be another whirlwind of some really cool and exciting furniture transformations.

I have some exciting news coming up this weekend and you will want to tune in and tell all of your blog friends. TheSmithGarage will be starting a new adventure that you will want to be a part.

Please comment....and add my link to your blog and tell me about it - I will share something special about your blog too.

Mr. Smith

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