Monday, February 20, 2012

My Other World

If you are looking for more from TheSmithGarage - I typically post while I'm traveling over on my original blog - Gate 87A . Many times - I post over there when I am stuck in airports and I've gotten through all I need to for work. It's fun and takes me to some interesting places - mostly in the Midwest, but sometimes to the Southeast - and all parts in between.

So jump over and check it out. Otherwise, I will be back next weekend in TheSmtihGarage.

Mr. Smith


  1. Enjoy the travels. I love to travel, I don't have time..and you get paid for it. bonus!!

  2. Oh yes - enjoying it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Great blog, and amazing transformations. Definetlly love all the VWS in the garage!

    1. Thanks Denisa - much more to follow. Thanks for following. Getting ready to take Nellie out on a little trip to put some furniture in Mrs. Smith's space at Oregon Street Antique Mall in Redding, CA