Friday, January 20, 2012

Bikes hit TheSmithGarage

Well, it is finally rainy season. and last week sometime, the wind hit (bringing in cold air from the North and rain). So, I had to lower my makeshift backyard garage (EasyUp) and bring the bikes back inside. okay folks - I have to determine if I am ready to do this - I am going to show you a few pictures of my garage (wish I had a barn). Don't judge me, just remember great things come out of this organized chaos.

You can comment on how many bikes you think there actually are in these 3 shots. You also now get to see how I can get my yoga session in each day as I meander through my garage. Yes I can get through here without getting hurt, now Mrs. Smith is another story. I need to move things around for her to get out here. So if you see a bike you like, comment and let me know if you want it - I can arrange for a good price on most of them. Have to keep my MTB, Roadie, Son's MTB and Daughter's cruiser - the rest are up for grabs. The tandem bike is one I picked up from a farm in Iowa on one of my travels - I of course upgraded it from rust to rideable.

Let's hope I can hang a few more from the ceiling in the next few months so I can get around in the garage a bit more. There are two bikes not pictured - a 24" Schwinn Spitfire and a 1959 Dunelt 10-speed roadie (both are being upgraded from rust to rideable). All the bikes pictured are already rideable.

Please forgive the mess, it wasn't much better before, but when Mrs. Smith started the business 2 years back, it all got just a little more cluttered. I love her - she has an eye for just about everything.

I will leave you with one last picture of the Vintage 1960s Montgomery Wards Tandem Hawthorne -


  1. You and Mr. Tattered & Timeless would be great both do work on the furniture we find and you both obviously love bikes. He has 4 of his own then add 4 for the kids and well our garage is similar to yours..

    1. nice - I need to offload some bikes, but I love them too!