Friday, January 27, 2012

Union Jack revisited

You may ask - revisited?

The first Union Jack dresser was done in a bit of haste - I had a great piece that was in miserable shape. Mrs. Smith pointed me to a great blog -  - so I looked at a picture and painted my impression of a Union Jack flag on it - my son loved it so much, it went in his room. On this next attempt, I did a little research and found that my impression was somewhat incorrect.

Here is the first before and after:

As handsome as it may look, there is some history behind this flag. And my son reminded me that I should have done some research before making my mark on this piece of furniture. So let me give you a bit of a history lesson before showing you the newest piece.

When the kingdoms came together back in the late 1500s / early 1600s, St. George's Cross and St. Andrew's Cross were combined to create the following.

St. George's Cross (England)

St. Andrew's Cross (Scotland)

Union Flag of 1606

Then, in 1801, the Cross of St. Patrick was added in, but not with equal measurements, rather with a pinwheel leading in the clockwise design - almost as if it is spinning - like so:

St. Patrick's Cross (Ireland)

Union Flag of 1801

So, my newest artistic impression of the Union Jack on a dresser is a little more correct then the first. Keep in mind, both of the pieces were found at garage sales. Here are the before and after pictures of the newest piece:

So - there we have it. This one will go in the store in February - so you have a chance at bringing this one home. Stop by Oregon Street Antique Mall in Redding and ask for TheSmithHotel booth. I anticipate it going pretty fast - after all, it has a certain level of coolness. Thank you Miss Mustard Seed for your inspiration and I hope someone in Redding, CA will find this piece a warm home like yours. Maybe a little boy named Jack.

We will have to see what this weekend holds in TheSmithGarage. I still have a few old pieces that need to be worked up before the shows start up in March for Mrs. Smith. I hope you enjoyed the history lesson as well - you can thank my son for that.

Mr. Smith

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