Monday, January 23, 2012

Retro Water Ski Shelf

This past weekend was another busy time in TheSmithGarage. While Mrs. Smith was away with her mother on a trip, The kiddos and I stayed home and I got some work one in the garage. After 8.5" of rainfall in 3 days, the sun shone on Saturday enough for me to open the garage and get a coat of paint on the next Union Jack Dresser - from purple and pink to navy blue.

On Sunday afternoon, I had a thought - what could I do with a couple of old Vogue Water Skis that I picked up at a thrift store (thanks Wanda)?

Why not make a retro style water ski shelving unit for my teenage son? Now my son used to be into trains - still is - but when he was young, I build a train table that so he could play with his Thomas The Tank Engine wooden toys. It was cool, but it has been sitting in the garage unused for many years now. We even tried to sell it at the last two garage sales. So I proceeded to dismantle the train table and use the wood and screws for the structure and shelves of my new dream creation.

Here is what we came up with...

Cleaned out TheSmithGarage just in time for Mrs. Smith's VW to fit nicely back into her parking space that evening. Did I mention it started raining again on Sunday and we had another 3 inches that day. Might need those water skis after all this Summer when the lake is full.

Until next weekend.
Mr. Smith

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  1. What a lovely project, Mr. Smith! Bet Mrs. Smith loved it!

    1. Thanks Donata - actually Mrs. Smith didn't like it so much, my son - not so much either - but I am sure there is some old guy that will appreciate it when we sell it at TheSmithHotel booth. But thanks so much for the compliment. The skis are really cool - I remmeber skiing on skis like these.

  2. That is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing this last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  3. Thanks Vanessa - I'm going to finish this up (by painting the bare wood)and sell it at Mrs. Smith's store next month