Friday, January 13, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

So looking at TheSmithGarage on a Friday night - we are prepped and ready for a long weekend. There are three pieces in the hopper, I know at least one will be finished for sure, the other two pieces have some woodworking required before painting.

It is always interesting digging into an old piece of furniture. Lots of time and energy is put into creating a custom piece, and there are a few old pieces here, one which had some major modifications made over the years. The last one in the above picture (closest to the garage door), was originally an oak dresser, but someone along the way removed the bottom three original doors and transformed it into a two-drawer bookshelf. Then someone added cabinet doors to the bottom two shelves and a drawer to the top shelf. So it is now a cabinet of sorts with an original oak frame and two original small drawers.

The piece in the middle is my Union Jack Project from an earlier post, still gluing back together pieces on it. The purple dresser is still in the dreaming stage - need to pick a color - any ideas from you would be great.

I did finish the buffet on Tuesday night this last week. Before and after pictures below.

Come back soon to see what's next - and to see some finished pieces hopefully in a few days.

Mr. Smith

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